Ecology Surveys in East Anglia

Welcome to the homepage of Philip Parker Associates, experts in ecological surveys in East Anglia and landscape consultancy across East Anglia, the Midlands and the South East

Ecology Surveys in East Anglia from Philip Parker Associates who are an established practice of ecologists and landscape architects, who have been operating since 1992. The practice has a particular expertise in the survey of historic buildings for bats and the development/restoration of minerals and landfill sites but are able to offer a full range of ecological and landscape services to a variety of clients, from multi-national companies to individual householders.

The King’s Lynn head office is able to serve clients across East Anglia, whilst our associates’ offices in Oxford are well located to serve the South East and the Midlands.

Cost Effective Solutions to Ecological Surveys

Philip Parker Associates pride themselves in devising pragmatic and cost effective solutions to a variety of ecological survey planning and mitigation requirements, whilst taking into account the species and legislative requirements. Our range of ecological expertise is listed below, with further details found on the pages within this site:

Surveying Expertise:
  • Phase 1 Habitat Scoping Surveys;
  • Phase 2 Botanical Surveys And Monitoring;
  • Bats;
  • Great Crested Newts;
  • Natterjack Toads;
  • Badgers;
  • Water Voles;
  • Barn Owls;
  • Breeding And Wintering Birds;

Survey licences held where appropriate. Please click on the relevant pages from the navigation bars for more information on each survey category.

Additional Services

In addition to ecological surveys, Philip Parker Associates are also able to offer the following services:

  • Impact assessment reports and mitigation schemes;
  • Obtaining development licences for bats, great crested newts and badgers;
  • Maintenance of ecological databases using Mapmate;
  • Preparation of management plans and monitoring programmes;
  • Habitat management works to conservation areas including tree and scrub clearance, weed control, pond creation (all relevant certificates of competence held);
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment;
  • Supply of oak bat boxes (see bats page for more details);

Contact us

For all enquiries, please contact us on 01553 630842 or by using the details on our contacts page.
We look forward to hearing from you and being your first choice for expert ecological surveys in East Anglia.