Largest Soprano Pipistrelle Roost Discovered, Norfolk

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Case Study: Largest Soprano Pipistrelle Roost Discovered, Norfolk

Philip Parker is a registered volunteer bat worker. In 2015 he discovered what is thought to be the largest bat roost in England with 2500 soprano pipistrelles and brown long eareds present in the roof space of two semi-detached cottages in the Breckland area of Norfolk.

The bats are having a significant impact on the occupiers of the properties and plans have been put in place (by Philip Parker Associates, Natural England the Bat Conservation Trust) to significantly reduce the impacts so that the bats occupying this nationally important roost live in harmony with the residents.

These videos, taken with our specialist infra-red camera equipment, shows the extent of the roost with hundreds of bats in the loft space and landing on a wall of the property and crawling into their roost crevices.