Church of the Holy Trinity, Ingham

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Case Study: Church of the Holy Trinity, Ingham

The natterers bat is a species that is closely connected to churches in Norfolk.

Philip Parker Associates have now surveyed numerous natterers maternity roosts (a good proportion of all those known in the county) and it is clear that the numbers are generally on the increase.

Although it is known for natterers to emerge over the church door (more typical of pipistrelles), most emerge at high level, making them difficult to survey. This is certainly true at Ingham, where the natterers were emerging from perhaps one of the most unusual places on a church, the mouth of a gargoyle.

Once this unusual exit point had been identified, on one of our initial activity surveys, we were able to set up our specialist infra-red camera equipment and record the bats emerging. This allowed us to both to capture this unusual roost location and to accurately determine the size of the roost.

The clip of the video can be viewed above.